3 to 5 November 2021
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    Imperial Confidences
    Duration : 1h30
    Departure : Under the Marquise of the Palais des congrès
    Take a stroll through history in the company of aristocratic characters who stay in Vichy for a cure. Their marvellous view of the splendour of the French imperial court invites you to follow them through Imperial Vichy. Anecdotes about music, fashion, the spa, the places to be seen and, of course, the life (not always easy) of Napoleon III in Vichy will be told to you in confidence.

    Story of waters, Vichy ; 2000 years of thermalism
    Duration : 1h30
    Departure : Under the Marquise of the Palais des congrès
    The Resort enters the Unesco Pantéon!  Classified since last July 24th, Vichy and its thermal heritage is registered in the Unesco World Heritage with 11 great spa towns of Europe, it shares a common history and heritage coming from the golden age of thermalism from 1700 to the end of the 1930s... but it is since antiquity that the virtues of thermal waters have been recognized: From the hot baths appreciated by the Romans of the vicus aquis calidis (village of hot waters), to the invention of the concept of well-being, through mass medical thermalism, Vichy Queen of the spa towns has known many empires ! It must be said that in Vichy, water is drunk, crunched, breathed, sweated, coated, rubbed, bathed in, gargled... In short, lived in! But the thermalism, it's not only a therapy, nor only an economy, it's also a human urban model where each component is essential to the success of the whole

    Beautiful Villas: resort architecture
    Duration : 1h30
    Departure : Under the Marquise of the Palais des congrès
    In Vichy, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, beautiful villas were built by the imagination of talented architects. Moorish, Venetian, Flemish, Tunisian: these villas are in themselves invitations to travel, to be exotic and to get away from it all. This feeling of being out of time and space, provided that you look up while walking!